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A collection of Same Day Edits by Paperback Films

It was an absolute privilege to film Christina and Mark Wedding. After our initial meeting, we quickly got the feeling and understanding that both family and friends were a big part of their lives and that they were super excited to get married. The day (like every other summer day in Winnipeg) was hot, sunny with a blue sky and the mosquitos everywhere. It’s the only way we know it!

Admittedly, being a rather big Winnipeg Jets I was equally nervous and excited to get filming in order to experience a day which we knew was to be very unique and rewarding. Christina & Mark show a genuine love for each other. An example of this is during the day (as hectic as it can be) they would take the time to fall into these small moments where they seemed to forget about everyone else and only focus on each other. It was really neat to see. We are very excited to share this Same Day Edit. We hope you enjoy it. Congratulations Christina & Mark you made us feel welcome and a part of your day and we thank you for that. We wish you all the best in the future!

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And They Will Fly

Next to falling in love, one of the biggest supports any couple can hope to have is their friends and family beside them in their journey together as a couple. Felicia & Jeff are both blessed to have that support and they relish in that. The morning of their wedding, we felt that warmth and invitation to be a part of their day along with everyone there that day.

Both of their personalities and temperaments compliment each other so much, that Felicia’s father commented on the fact that he can’t recall ever seem them in an argument. He also mentioned that they seem to put so much into their relationship and compromise at the right times which this makes it much easier as a father to let her go. Knowing that she’s picked the right guy. The same could be said for Jeff. Sharing their dreams together. We had a great time working with our friend, Curtis Moore again. It’s always a rush to piece together a couple’s story in the form of a Same Day Edit :)

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Mementos and Sombreros

Nigel’s career brings him all over the world and so, naturally, Cassandra & Nigel’s lives go hand in hand with traveling, trying new restaurants, wine tastings and socializing. One of Nigel’s groomsmen’s favourite moments was when Nigel lead Team Canada and the tournament and scoring in Helsinki with a big 6 goals and 11 points in Hockey.

Over the years, they had collected small mementos to one day look back upon. As their wedding day approached – a day planned with a lot of care and thought, they both decided to look through their memory box. They also decided to each carefully choose one item to share with each other the morning of their wedding. Nigel thoughtfully picked out what he said was an easy choice. Because it was what he considered their start; a U2 ticket. It was a happy moment together, after first dating in Chicago they were finally able to go out as a couple in Winnipeg. Cassandra was hoping to find that ticket Nigel bought for Cassandra in 2010 to come visit him in Atlanta. It was what she considered the beginning of their relationship. While looking for it, she found an item he had left for her that same fall when he had come to visit her.  This made her realize just how long ago she had fallen in love and so, here they are three and a half years later.

We had the incredible privilege of weaving together their story into this Sam Day Edit to share with all their friends and family gathered that evening at The Gates on Roblin along with the very talented Simply Rosie Photography.

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With All My Heart

Emma + Colin both light up when they are together. They’re a quiet, romantic couple that really take in and appreciate all the little moments that happen throughout a day and the day of their wedding was no different. Both enjoying a range of activities including travel, sports, watching movies, telling jokes and laughing. The ceremony was especially significant with Emma’s father leading the ceremony, bringing everyone together through well chosen, heartfelt words. It’s always a pleasure working with Joel Ross & Jennifer Webber.

Colin really gets Emma and is able to recognize, help and encourage her to follow those dreams as he manages to follow his own. Later at the reception, Colin had shared a quote from his mother about the important things on relationships which they both value and hold dear. “It isn’t so much how often you gaze into each-other’s eyes as long as you put in the effort to gaze in the same direction.” How true and what a beautiful quote to draw on together.

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A Wedding Planner’s Wedding

We’ve always find a couple scenarios that could potentially make us get really nervous when filming. Things like bad weather; it can really change the look and feel of the day. It was something else for this wedding. It was filming someone whom you deeply respect and know as a friend. You always want to make the story perfect. The butterfly’s where of plenty.

We have known Andrea for a long time, both personal and professionally. We usually have the great privilege of working with her event planning company, Soiree Event Planning. She has literately seen us in every scenario possible, especially during same day edit. So naturally, when she asked us to film her wedding, we were thrilled! We also had the privilege of working along side our friend Jeremy Hiebert.

What we love about this film is its such a simple, timeless story. Andrea could have done anything she wanted. She has seen it all. But she kept everything meaningful and elegant for herself and her husband Ryan. A simple expression of exactly who they are. It was a privilege to be apart of this day. We were able to once again, not only work along side Andrea, a friend, but were also a witness of their commitment and celebration.

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Pièce De Résistance

Our goal is always to capture people’s personalities and their characteristics in a film. It’s a challenge to fit everything into a same day edit (given the time constraint), but we’re always up for a good challenge. As colourful (planning by Soiree, flowers by Academy) and detailed (check out those cards by OnePlusOne and photography by Lani Elias) as everything was that day, for us – a story is everything.

Dena and Dustin are an amazing couple. What really stood out to us was their ceremony. It was so personal and sincere. They sealed a time capsule during their ceremony containing wine, glasses, the day’s newspaper, a dress Dena wore on their first date and their vows. Sealed for 10 years, being opened again 2023. Imagine when they both look through these things again? It’s a whole other way to experience the wedding day again.

Weddings are generally full of suprises. Dena and Dustin’s biggest suprise (next to the full custome chicken dance at the reception) was during their ceremony when they decided to take time after their vows to honour their close family sitting in the first two rows. They brought each of them roses and hugs and as they went down the isles, you could feel the warmth and awe everyone had for this newly married couple. It was a powerful moment and it spoke so well of their character.

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Eyelashes Light the Fire

Heather and Chris’s spark started with a question, “do you have fake eyelashes?”  Seems like a reasonable question if the circumstances were different, for instance not on a camping trip.  Well these two made a connection that day that will forever be their story.  We got to know Heather and Chris really well during their portraiture session which you will see pieces of in the Same Day Edit.  Each of the them walked us through their first meeting story and how the progression lead them to their wedding day, which is always interesting and fun to hear two sides of the same story.  And then on the wedding day this first meeting story came out in several versions.  So from our perspective we have a pretty good idea of how this all came about, hearing it from them, and their close friends tying it altogether.  We’ll be later sharing their Feature on our blog, which ties their films and completes their story.

When we first met with them back in 2011 they were so excited about having a film to capture their day and decided on adding a Same Day Edit to allow their guests to experience it with them.  The upbeat nature of their personalities and outlook on life shone through in each of their films and it was a huge highlight for us to play their Same Day Edit. The Gates as always was a beautiful backdrop to have their wedding and their service and staff are impeccable.  We were also very lucky to work with Jack & Ruby Photography who are always fun to work with.  Of course there were many more very talented people working behind the scenes who we appreciate working with, cheers to everyone who made the day look and flow so smoothly.


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Zombies and Sharks

This Same Day Edit is very unique and special for us. To help give some perspective as to why, we need to explain a bit about our initial meeting with Kate. She was well in-tune with what we were creating for people and what it meant. It was just as exciting for us to hear how Kate recollected a lot of our work – she knew so much about every film we’ve created and understood exactly what we do and how we would fit perfectly into her wedding day. They both planned on sharing their film with family and friends back home after the wedding, so the SDE ended up being a special moment shared over both sides of the country. The unique challenge was length. After talking to Kate and Jeff, their story was more suited for a Feature, but we wanted to share that vision with the guests on their wedding day. The result was this; a film uniquely shaped to combine the longer format story into a same day edit timeline.

Jeff and Kate both live out in Vancouver. The story of how they got there is fascinating. When we see these two holding hands, crossing over a divide in the garden and walking in parallel to meet again at the end – it is really a strong metaphor to how they ended up together. After a few disappointing years, Kate gave up on relationships. She decided to move out west to begin a new life, where she found herself working at a bank. There, she interacted with customers as the came and went until Jeff came through those doors. Jeff made an effort to keep coming back to her and before they knew it, they were together at last.

If you’ve ever met a guy who is passionate about life, Jeff is that person. The morning of his wedding, though he was a bit shy at first, he quickly forgot about cameras following him around. He’s the type of person who isn’t often caught off guard. His passion lies in fitness and training which goes so well with his character – strong, witty and sharp. When he turned around and gazed into Kate’s eyes for the first time, his heart started pounding and for the first time that day he was at a loss for words. From there on, he forgot everything else in the world and focused on her. They shared this important day with friends and family gathered for a rooftop ceremony, followed by a wonderfully warm reception downstairs at the WAG. It’s always fun working with friends and we had the pleasure of working with Luckygirl Photography that day as well. We hope you enjoy.

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Captain and The Cheese

Chau and Christian are soul mates. Meeting where they did, and everything that happened since, it’s obvious they were simply destined to be together. They both love traveling, jogging, cooking, gardening, watching movies and hanging out with friends together. Chau was extremely meticulous and careful with her planning – you would never know by watching how relaxed and happy she was on her wedding day. All the way down to the exact number of expected guests, floral arrangements and schedules.

They both have light, caring and energetic personalities. When we asked them to describe their style, they were honest and spot on; romantic, classic, and goofy! All of these little things came out everywhere on their wedding day. Meaningful letters, original vows, gifts and speeches – we spotted so many moments that complimented who they are as people and brought that out in their same day edit. We’re so lucky to have worked with them and we’re just as excited for them to have this memory. We hope you enjoy!

Music licensed through With Etiquette

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Icelandic Scenics

Driving out to Gimli (Manitoba’s Icelandic community) early in morning had us excited for a water front cottage feel to Heather and Timothy’s same day edit.  There was one thing that we were nervous about and that was the dark clouds that threatened the outdoor picturesque filming we would be able to do.  And we are so thankful to say it couldn’t have turned out much better than it did for the entire day’s schedule.  The ceremony and reception took place at the Waterfront Center which had fabulous lighting and the atmosphere fit so well for their celebration.  We were so thankful that their first look on the pier turned out beautifully with the sun shining down.  They were both so ecstatic to see each other that Timothy bolted as soon as he could hear that Heather was close behind and they were so ready to get married.  This location is particularly meaningful for the family with its history of spending time together at the lake.  And now having been married here it will forever hold deep meaning with them.

Thanks to Photographer Rebecca Croft for a day of fun. Always good to work with you!

Music licensed through themusicbed

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A change is going to come

This story has a happy ending, rest assured! The rainiest day we had this past summer had to land on Laura and Tommy’s wedding day. While everyone was looking for that break in the clouds, ready to quickly set up for a beautiful backyard ceremony. Somehow, someway, it would work. The break in the clouds did not come, but in its place we found ourselves in an incredibly cozy and intimate living room ceremony which we believe brought out the best in everyone to make it happen. Laura and Tommy are a fun loving, fast-paced couple and the atmosphere that day brought out a deep and meaningful experience. It set the pace. It even had us in tears.

We took note of Laura and Tommy’s seren peace. We know Laura put her heart and soul into planning this day. Through it all, their purpose was to celebrate their union and we carefully scored their film intending to bring out the deep sense of calm that took place. Even with all of the action happening around them with tea ceremonies and traditional celebrations, it was so sweet to see how they just focused on each other (along with many family and friends).


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Acts of love

Everything about Jennifer and Stephane’s wedding felt like a fairytale. The weather, location, the atmosphere and the obvious match that they are for each other all had a part to play in their story. They’re both young, passionate individuals who both devote a lot of their time lifting each other up. If the stories we heard at the reception were any indication of their character, they’re both incredible people.

One moment that particularly stood to us was the first time they saw each other. Earlier in the morning, Jennifer formulated how she felt about Steph in a note. The excitement they equally shared in seeing one another was complimented with this intimate moment, reading through the letter. We saw how grounded and led by faith they are. All of this had played a major part in their same-day-edit and we’re happy we can share their story with everyone.

Music licensed through themusicbed

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A Winter Wonderland…

David and Danielle both share a deep love for each other. Their wedding day was filled with warm words from friends and family as they celebrated their coming together. Hearing Danielle’s father speak powerful, warm blessings over his daughter and new son-in-law’s marriage helped establish a level of emotion their ceremony and the rest of their day would continue in. There was a multitude of detail in the decor at the ceremony. Danielle walked along side her parents down the white isle, surrounded by fifteen foot high white-painted trees that David had cut down and carefully brought in himself. Their kiss was accompanied by falling rose petals from the chandelier above. Outside, we were surrounded by chilly but beautiful fresh white snow and everywhere we went we were overwhelmed by Christmas season decoration. The lights fit so well with their theme and kept that magical feeling going from the ceremony to the reception. Danielle and David have a vibrant display of joy; one that is genuine and outwardly conveyed in their film.

This was our very last Same Day Edit for 2011 and it was a great one to end the year with. We presented it right before their speech and we can’t say it enough; we love what we do and we are so appreciative when the couple values the memory enough to have their day captured. We are so honoured to be a part of their day and for their community to welcome us with open arms. Kara & Becky of  Jack and Ruby Photography made everyone feel so comfortable and made the day even more fun. It’s always a treat to work together with them. Thanks to Cody and Melissa for assisting us during the ceremony.

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At Cas & David’s wedding, we noticed this great sense of community from those who surrounded them that day. Everyone had flown in from Rankin Inlet, Nunavut where they’re from and what stood out to us was this sense of a real close family. While a slideshow played at their reception, there were more cheers and excitement then we had ever seen before. This is because family and friends are so engrained in each of their lives. When it came time to play their Same Day Edit, everyone gathered around, creating a close and intimate atmosphere. It was a special experience for us. We wanted to include an important part of their culture; hearing the traditional sounds of throat singing at the beginning of the film – something we had never heard before. The backdrop of the beautiful Quarry Oaks Golf Course fit them so well, with an outdoor fall ceremony and thankfully the day turned out to be gorgeous. Thank you Cas, David, family and friends for allowing us to participate with you. Marian of Moments by Marian and her assistant, Kim, were so great to work with – we had an awesome time together. Thank you to Cody G for filming with us; always a pleasure.

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The Corn Maze…

Milestones are made by a combination of being in the presence of those you love most and having those memories forever recorded. Rhéanne and Andrew both had that on their wedding day. Speech after speech, their characters came out to what we experienced with them throughout the day. Having a perfect wedding day and having that perfection continue on throughout our lives are what we dream about… though, the test of character in the good and the bad reveals a truth about someone that will far surpass our milestones in life. For this very reason, we were deeply inspired by who Rhéanne and Andrew are as a couple. This film is every bit an example of what keeps us motivated, refreshed and excited to continue doing what we do. It’s a thrill to share a same day edit experience with a couple and all of their close family and friends.

Rachel & Brian of Lucky Girl Photography approach each wedding day with joy and enthusiasm that is infectious.  Greeting them in the morning is the same as meeting up with friends for the day.  Their work speaks for itself and is completely backed up by who they are. Jennifer from Wink Wedding and Event Planning is always a delight to work with and is so much appreciated.  Wedding planning is something so worth investing in and highly recommended. Danny Kramer Band always knows how to get the dance floor full of people.  Their sound is full and amazing.  Big thanks to Carlin for helping us with the Same Day Edit sound.


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was kind of the theme for Krista.  We met with Curtis back in November of last year and found it strange that a groom had arranged to meet with us and that the bride to be would not be there. After sharing some good laughs at the meeting and getting to know Curtis a bit better we found out that he had a surprise planned :).  What was it?…well, it was to hire us but not tell Krista (who just happens to be one of our biggest fans as we found out this weekend, aka blog stalker #1 and her friend blog stalker #2!  You know who you are!) until the day of their wedding. We wished Curtis a hearty good luck because we were convinced he had no clue what he was about to get himself into (just so you know, we had your back all the way Curtis!).  As the story goes, he was a wise man and eventually let her know about the surprise by giving it to her as a graduation gift.  Good work Curtis we are so proud you lasted as long as you did with that surprise.Whenever we shoot a Same Day Edit, we find ourselves even more immersed in the wedding day (as we are not only shooting the complete wedding package but also presenting a film that same day).

There is something really special when we have the privilege of seeing the day unfold right before us as the clips start hitting the timeline.  Shot by shot, section by section, clip by clip the story unravels as the end of the day fast approaches. This usualy happens to us weeks or months after while editing, but there is something special about it when it happens the day of. After Krista & Curtis introduced the Same Day Edit to their family and friends, we too found ourselves watching and reliving what had just happened that day.We had such an amazing day filming their wedding and putting together their Same Day Edit.  Both of these two are so warm and so sweet that they made it quite easy. Thank you for extending your hospitality towards us and making us feel as much apart of the day as anyone could. Please enjoy their Same Day Edit we were so privileged to be apart of! Thank you to Soiree Event Planning – Best Wedding and Events planner voted by Paperback FilmsAnd super great working with Rebecca from Rebecca Croft Photography, she is a delight! As well a thank you to Cody for shooting with us this day! You are a great help to us.

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Ear to Ear…

Was how big our smiles were throughout the day at Liza and Darwin’s wedding, which would best be described as an emotionally charged easy going day.   We knew right away at our first meeting that these two were very friendly and loving, and it was so easy to connect with the two of  them.

Once the wedding day came around it was all confirmed again by their strong community of family and friends who warmly welcomed us in. We can’t say enough good things about Liza and Darwin and we wish them all the world has to offer.  You have inspired us all. Hope you enjoy their Same Day Edit! It was a great experience working with William & Mercy from William Au Photography. As well a big thank you to Cody for helping make this Same Day Edit a overwhelming team success!  Looking forward to the near future…

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Chop Sticks & Naan Bread…

On the day of they were calling for rain… well the clouds parted very early and the sky was blue all day long!   Lan & Amit had a Vietnamese/East Indian wedding and we can’t be more excited to share their Same Day Edit.  This blend of cultures made for some very visually stunning details such as Lan’s necklace and henna on her hands and feet.  The sparkles glistening and reflecting from the light are what grab our attention instantly.  Lan & Amit both showed themselves as poised and relaxed throughout the day but definitely showed more of their personalities during the photo shoot with Manny.  There were larger than life smiles and joy as they were letting loose with the bridal party.  One thing you won’t see on the SDE is their first dance due to scheduling, however this was our first glimpse of these two displaying their romantic side dancing with grace and elegance across the floor.

White Horse…

Filming Amit during the Baraat brought out the first signs of exuberant celebrations that would follow throughout the day.  The white horse trailed the beat of the drum and celebratory family members of Amit leading him to his bride with their hands high in the air and voices raised up.  Cultures all have their unique signs of celebration and the most admirable quality of this group is the sense of welcoming and acceptance. Thank you Lan & Amit for letting us share your day with you!

Special Thanks: Manuel Sousa Photography – You are the most energetic person around. It was such a pleasure to finally work with you! Events by Emma – Thanks for taking care of us all day, especially when it came to showing the Same Day Edit ;) Chocholate ZenFloral ElementsPlanned Perfectly Linens, Makeup Expressions, Hair by Karen

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Tamara + Jeremy and Everything Else…

May 7, 2011 – Tamara & Jeremy’s wedding was one we were really looking forward to! We felt privileged to be able to spend the entire day filming with them and present a Same Day Edit right after the father daughter dance.  Shooting some hoops with the guys was in order before the strenuous activity of getting suited up in the morning.  Typically filming the guys getting ready can be quite short so it is fun, so to see these guys chill’n out and having a good time together before the formal part of the day.  The morning started as usual for Tamara and the ladies…hair and makeup was being done at their home which overlooks the rising river in Winnipeg.  Even Roxy & Brodie got in on the wedding attire; wearing a little doggie tuxedo and veil for a few photos.  With a few minor adjustments to the dress before the ceremony we were off to the extravagant ceremony at Springs Church.  We had a lot of ground to cover at the ceremony and access anywhere we wanted, so you will see some shots that we don’t normally get to shoot.  There is something very surreal for us when we can be on stage and have clips looking out over the guests. We appreciated the all access pass.  The whole day was a grand celebration and we are so thankful we could be apart of it!  Congratulations Tamara  & Jeremy!

A Little Help From Some Friends… We have to make special mention regarding some of the crew working with us this time around. Usually we shoot with a very limited crew, but not this time. It’s not everyday we get to film with friends! Let us explain…We required a bit more man power because of the size of the sanctuary and the shots we wanted to get. So we called in our trusty side kick Steve from At First Sight! What we appreciate most about these guys is not only that they are friends, but they share a passion for film like we do. We feel it is so important in the industry to work together and help each other out as much as possible. Thanks for all your help! As well a big thank you to Rachael & Brian from Luckygirl Photography.  Working with them is always the best day ever and we are stoked we have a few more wedding booked with them this summer. Enjoy the SDE! If you haven’t already, feel free to check out their SDE Trailer


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A Same Day Edit for friends, Sadie & Cody

May 6, 2011 – We have been looking forward to this wedding for quite some time now as Cody is actually one of our cameramen from time to time… so we were excited to put this together. Their day was perfectly designed for a Same Day Edit which is always a great help. One or two months before Cody had told us he was going to propose, he played us a song  that he wanted us to use for the SDE.  Inspired by Amanda Falk’s song Symphony we were able to bring their day of 1959 retro cars, strawberries and mimosa’s, extravagant flower arrangements, many tears of joy, and a relationship centred on their faith to the forefront.

Family, Friends, and the Dress…

The emotions were deep as many close family and friends were involved in pretty much every aspect of the wedding. Everything from the flower arrangements, decorations, hair styling, to Sadie’s Mom’s amazing talent where she had sewn all of the dresses herself…yes all the bridesmaids dresses and Sadie’s wedding dress were sewn by her Mom!. The dresses were stunning and when Sadie and the girls were together putting the final touches on the birdcage veil/accessories it was hard to hold back the tears. We were all drawn in emotionally on this one. During the speeches we can sometimes get emotionally invested in the stories we hear, but on this day there were several times throughout the day where we almost lost it. We are truly blessed by you two and look forward to spending more time with you as a married couple!

What is a Same Day Edit (SDE)?…

The Same Day Edit is a fairly new option which entails a 3-4min video filmed throughout the day and it is presented on a projector at your reception.  From the response we have had we know there is something special about seeing and reliving what has happened so quickly throughout the day.  Many times the guests you have invited are not aware of the SDE and it can be a memorable way for your loved ones to experience your day with you.  It is usually your close family and friends who are with you from morning till night and of course it has to be that way, but having the ability to show a piece of the joy that you had with your guests brings everyone together and allows everyone to feel like they participated in celebrating your wedding day. Special thanks to Sabine Chorley & Julie Fulsher from Sterling Images


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