Laura + Tommy | Same Day Edit

A change is going to come

This story has a happy ending, rest assured! The rainiest day we had this past summer had to land on Laura and Tommy’s wedding day. While everyone was looking for that break in the clouds, ready to quickly set up for a beautiful backyard ceremony. Somehow, someway, it would work. The break in the clouds did not come, but in its place we found ourselves in an incredibly cozy and intimate living room ceremony which we believe brought out the best in everyone to make it happen. Laura and Tommy are a fun loving, fast-paced couple and the atmosphere that day brought out a deep and meaningful experience. It set the pace. It even had us in tears.

We took note of Laura and Tommy’s seren peace. We know Laura put her heart and soul into planning this day. Through it all, their purpose was to celebrate their union and we carefully scored their film intending to bring out the deep sense of calm that took place. Even with all of the action happening around them with tea ceremonies and traditional celebrations, it was so sweet to see how they just focused on each other (along with many family and friends).


Behind The Scenes

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