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A collection of Trailers by Paperback Films

Adventure Land

Getting married on a mountain top… that is a romantic tale in itself.  Kasia and Piotr (aka Peter) gave us a lot to work with. Their backdrop fit who they were – there was just so much adventure everywhere we went. Their family and friends travelled from all over the world for this intimate wedding celebration and even though being at that altitude, we were peppered with snow, everyone forgot and just set their eyes and hearts on these two. We are super excited to share with you (tease you with) their trailer as we look forward to sharing more of their story in the Feature Film.

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Ottawa meets Toronto

Rena and Gaurav have one of the most interesting stories on how they met. It wasn’t just miles of land that started between them, it was also their dietary lifestyles! These two are special; they’ve both been through a lot together and anytime you were near them you could just feel how in love they are. We spent some time with them before their wedding celebrations took place (which had spanned over the course of multiple days) and were able to dive a bit further into their story. Gaurav had seen our work a while ago, via short films up on Stillmotion’s blog and Vimeo. He’s a talented photographer and filmmaker, so on many levels putting their film together was both a challenge and a joy. The trailer (hopefully) paints a picture of a much grander story about to be unveiled. It’s hard holding back all of the great things to say and talk about the experience we had… which will come later. Until then :)

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Summer Fun Wedding..

A small sample of Adrian + Kiet. Summer Fun!

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A Beautiful Wedding Day

Just a small glimpse of Lydia + Shane’s beautiful wedding day! Enjoy the trailer!We were excited to finally get the chance to work with Joel Ross of Joel Ross Photography. You have an amazing amount of energy during the day, it’s contagious!

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Sunlight and Sunsets

Last week, we went on a little adventure! Paperback, packed it’s bags and gear, left the city and headed out to the great Canadian Praries. Our destination? Morden, Manitoba! We won’t say much yet, but Kari of Dove Tree Art & Design hired us to film a little promotional film for something she has been planning for a while.

The Trailer is just a small glimps of the perfect evening we had to film!

We also had some great friends along, Jack and Ruby Photography, whom we love to shoot with! Check out their blog post for a sneak peak of what they captured that evening too!

Enjoy! Let us know what you think!

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Mazel Tov

Cultures are what make life so colourful and exciting and we love the traditions and joyous celebrations of the Jewish community. We had an amazing day with the Mr. and the Mrs. and can’t wait to put their highlights together. Many heartfelt moments with their families showed the caring and compassionate side of these two. As cliche as it sounds we could really feel the love in the air. Enjoy the trailer!

Absolutely love working with Rachael & Mairen from Luckygirl Photography! We always have such a good day and the we get along so well.

And every time we get to work with Andrea & Karen from Soiree Event Planning, they make the day run so smoothly and seamlessly. We really couldn’t be more excited that we get to work with such talented and professional people in the Winnipeg wedding industry.


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Music and The Gardens…

Here is a little sneak peak of Monica + Rob’s special day. You two are such wonderful people! We are very lucky to have spent the day with the both of you! Thanks to Rachel & Brian from Lucky Girl Photography you are the best! Also thanks to Andrea, from Soiree Event Planning, it was a pleasure working with you!

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The Limo and Blue Sky Trailer…

Ayli & Phil bring a lot to the table when it comes to a couple in love because they seem to have brought everyone along with them on their journey.  There were many tears and many laughs throughout the day as this was a tight nit group of family and friends.  We can’t share all the wonderful details of the day just yet so here is a trailer to tie you over…. or tease you for whats to come!

Thanks to Jennifer from Wink | Wedding and Event Planning, it made the day go so smooth for us! Also thanks to Bond and Kim from BLF Studios its always a pleasure shooting with you. Good times! If you haven’t already seen the Highlights film check it out here!


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A Little Same Day Edit Sneak Peak…

Last weekend we shot this fantastic wedding! It was a very special wedding for us for so many reasons. Here is the link to the Same Day Edit we made for Tamara & Jeremy.

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February 14, 2011 – C’est L’amour! It’s Valentine’s day and it’s time to reveal a little project we have been working on. Taking into consideration that we work in an industry surrounded by love, we wanted to do something that was specific to the theme. Little did we know…

About one month ago we were contacted by Kara & Becky of Jack & Ruby Photography. They wanted to hire us to document a Valentine’s Day photo session they had planned. Once they explained the idea to us we thought it was great, so we quickly signed on.

This film is really a supplement to Kara and Becky’s fantastic pictures. Go look at the pictures and then watch the video. It will give you some insight and a behind the scenes look as to what went on in the session.

We do have to say thank you to Desirae and Cole who did a fantastic job working in front of the camera. Desirae has her own company called Paper Airplanes, check it out if you have a chance.

We hope to have more opportunities like this in the future!


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Here is Amanda and Jacobs trailer. We have to say, it was an absolute pleasure to film this day. These two are so perfect for each other, what a blessing to see.  On a side note, we aren’t accustom to filming in frigid cold weather all that often, so we have to state for historical value that the outside temperature while filming this was -30 degrees Celsius! Yup, -30! Needless to say, we all survived! We wanted to use most of the indoor shots to keep it nice and warm :).  So, go grab a cup of hot chocolate with some marshmallows on top and enjoy this short trailer of their day.

Photog | Jodi Klassen –

Update! – Check out Amanda & Jacobs Feature

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I can’t say much due to the secrecy of the project, but Becky & Kara of Jack & Ruby Photography came up with a fantastic idea a while back and asked if Paperback Films would like to film a photo shoot.  After much deliberation (kidding) we finally said yes. I’ll leave the rest of the info for when the actual shoot and video come out.

I have to make quick mention of the couple who were also a part of the shoot, we called them the talent :) Go check out Desirae of Paper Airplanes. She has some fantastic wedding stationery & graphic design work posted on her blog. Her and husband Cole put up with four cameras in their face for the afternoon! A complete pleasure to work with.

Anyhow, here is a quick trailer. Check back around Valentines Day in February for more!!

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October 16th, 2010. It was our final outdoor wedding of the season at The Gates in the middle of October, fantastic day! We were so pleased that the weather held out and Patti got her dream wedding outside. Patti is a sweetheart and her face had a constant smile on it. She was truly a happy bride. It was so awesome to see the joy and celebration that Ray and Patti were experiencing throughout the day. This is why we love weddings!

The trailer is a real tease, so enjoy! Chris and I had such a great day filming and absolutely enjoyed working with Jeremy Hiebert. Enjoy.

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October 2, 2010 – Here is the trailer of Lauren and Adam’s wedding! What a beautiful fall weekend it was. We were so lucky to have a warm and sunny special day with no wind. Lauren and Adam are one of the nicest people we have ever met. It was a pleasure watching them enjoy the day they had work so hard to plan. We were honoured to be there to capture this fantastic day! Thank you so much!

Mark and Cody and I, as always, had way to much fun working together!

A very warm shout out to Jeremy Hiebert ( It was a pleasure to work with you. Our stomachs hurt from all the laughing and good times we had!

Thanks to Lindsay who stepped in for Andrea Mancini of Soiree Event Planning (​).

Music by the ever talented Amanda Falk ( Please go buy her music, it’s simply amazing! iTunes Link. Enjoy!

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Here is a sneak peak of Scott & Stacy’s wedding!

The amazing part is you cannot tell how chilly the temperature was outside, being that it was around 10 degree’s. Scott, Stacy and the whole wedding party were willing and stoked to do just about anything with Bond from BLF Studios ( Bond’s sneak peak of the photographs were unreal, can’t wait to see more! And Esther, Bond’s second shooter was a blast to work with as well. We loved the variety of locations and it was so awesome to be apart of documenting this day

Hands down, Scott & Stacy along with the whole party delivered the most memorable wedding to date. Chris Radtke and myself were pumped with the shots we got and are excited to put it all together.

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September 5th, 2010 – Here is a quick trailer of an outdoor wedding we had the privilege filming. A slight breeze was in the air, enough to keep everyone cool from the bright sunlight beaming down on us. It was awesome! You couldn’t ask for a better day. Jillian & David were having so much fun I am sure they didn’t want the day to end. What a fantastic couple!

Mark Hiebert was as always my trusted companion for the entire day. It would be very hard to do this without him! Also Cody Goetz who films with us from time to time was attending the wedding, so we put him to work. Curtis Moore was shooting the photos. We love working with him. Makeup – 2 Chicks and a Bag of Makeup Cake Design- Cake Studio Enjoy the sneak peak!

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Here is a very very short trailer of Stacey & Chad’s photo shoot. Once again, Becky and Kara hired Mark and I to document this photo shoot. As always we were more then happy to film! Props goes out to Chad for sticking with it even though the Hockey game was on that night. I was giving him updates via my iPhone all session :)

Thanks again everyone. Stay tuned…full session will be coming soon.

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