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A little bit about Amanda + Jacob…

Jan 16, 2011. If there are two words to describe Amanda & Jacob it would have to be fun and inspiring! It was clearly evident that these two were meant for each other.  We were lucky enough to be welcomed into the inner circle on their very emotional and special day. After spending a day with them we quickly understood the passion they have for life and each other. The path they traveled that eventually led them to find each other is a story everyone should have the privilege to hear. Amanda & Jacob, you inspired us from the second we showed up at your door to the emotional sparkler lit first dance. You encouraged us to find the story in your day, and you were gracious enough to share it with us. This is the story of Amanda + Jacob….

A little bit about the Feature…

We are very excited to post this wedding feature of Amanda & Jacob for a number a reasons. First, a little bit of backstory to set the stage. Amanda contacted us to see if we could film her wedding. We met with her (as we do with all our clients) at our favorite coffee shop to see what her day was going to look like and catch her vision for the day.

Being in the music industry and creative world, Amanda was open to hearing about a product we were wanting to test pilot and we thought she would appreciate it.  We had recently challenged ourselves to create more story-driven products for our clients and this was the perfect opportunity to “try out” this concept.  Needless to say, we presented her with the idea and she was thrilled about it. Instead of shooting and editing a full linear ceremony & reception with speeches, we agreed to shoot and create a very short film/story instead. The product would contain a Short Film Feature, Behind the Scenes Footage, and a Trailer. The film you see here is the Short Film Feature portion…

We are eagerly awaiting feedback to see if this is something that more couples would like and are interested in! Please let us know what you think, it’s something that confirms we are in the right direction! Special Thanks to…Photographer | Jodi Klassen Venue | The Brass Lantern Restaurant and Banquet Centre Amanda Falk’s Music | Amanda Falk

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  • Great job guys, love the video! What a wonderful couple to work with.

  • wow! can i comment and say how amazing this is?
    so heartfelt, emotional, stunningly beautiful and rich with love and tenderness.
    those vows… probably some of the most loveliest i’ve heard.
    this video is fantastic.
    great job, chris and mark!
    why couldn’t you have done this 11+ years ago, chris?!
    you could have played guitar at our wedding AND did a video?

    again, beautiful.
    i would love to hear the testimonies of these two.
    they sound pretty powerful.

  • Syd

    I want Amanda and Jacob to know how much that video blessed me by their open and honest faith. When he told her that he did not need her, that he needed Christ and Christ alone, my heart leapt – those words I long to hear on my wedding day. Thank you for filming this. I love everything about it and am sharing it everywhere I can. Keep the faith, all of you.

    – s

  • Sara

    It makes me want to know the story behind this story.. how they met, what happened that led them to this day.. Would the couple be so kind as to share it with us? It’s just so intriguing! Pray tell…

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  • Rachael

    I really was looking forward to read about Amanda and Jacob story. The video is inspiring, emotional and heartfelt. May the Lord continue to bless your marriage.

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  • Itsanakatrina

    I want to download the song that she sang at the end. Does anyone know the title?

  • Aero

    Where can read their testimony?

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