Sadie + Cody | Same Day Edit

A Same Day Edit for friends, Sadie & Cody

May 6, 2011 – We have been looking forward to this wedding for quite some time now as Cody is actually one of our cameramen from time to time… so we were excited to put this together. Their day was perfectly designed for a Same Day Edit which is always a great help. One or two months before Cody had told us he was going to propose, he played us a song  that he wanted us to use for the SDE.  Inspired by Amanda Falk’s song Symphony we were able to bring their day of 1959 retro cars, strawberries and mimosa’s, extravagant flower arrangements, many tears of joy, and a relationship centred on their faith to the forefront.

Family, Friends, and the Dress…

The emotions were deep as many close family and friends were involved in pretty much every aspect of the wedding. Everything from the flower arrangements, decorations, hair styling, to Sadie’s Mom’s amazing talent where she had sewn all of the dresses herself…yes all the bridesmaids dresses and Sadie’s wedding dress were sewn by her Mom!. The dresses were stunning and when Sadie and the girls were together putting the final touches on the birdcage veil/accessories it was hard to hold back the tears. We were all drawn in emotionally on this one. During the speeches we can sometimes get emotionally invested in the stories we hear, but on this day there were several times throughout the day where we almost lost it. We are truly blessed by you two and look forward to spending more time with you as a married couple!

What is a Same Day Edit (SDE)?…

The Same Day Edit is a fairly new option which entails a 3-4min video filmed throughout the day and it is presented on a projector at your reception.  From the response we have had we know there is something special about seeing and reliving what has happened so quickly throughout the day.  Many times the guests you have invited are not aware of the SDE and it can be a memorable way for your loved ones to experience your day with you.  It is usually your close family and friends who are with you from morning till night and of course it has to be that way, but having the ability to show a piece of the joy that you had with your guests brings everyone together and allows everyone to feel like they participated in celebrating your wedding day. Special thanks to Sabine Chorley & Julie Fulsher from Sterling Images


Behind The Scenes

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