Catherine + David | Same Day Edit


At Cas & David’s wedding, we noticed this great sense of community from those who surrounded them that day. Everyone had flown in from Rankin Inlet, Nunavut where they’re from and what stood out to us was this sense of a real close family. While a slideshow played at their reception, there were more cheers and excitement then we had ever seen before. This is because family and friends are so engrained in each of their lives. When it came time to play their Same Day Edit, everyone gathered around, creating a close and intimate atmosphere. It was a special experience for us. We wanted to include an important part of their culture; hearing the traditional sounds of throat singing at the beginning of the film – something we had never heard before. The backdrop of the beautiful Quarry Oaks Golf Course fit them so well, with an outdoor fall ceremony and thankfully the day turned out to be gorgeous. Thank you Cas, David, family and friends for allowing us to participate with you. Marian of Moments by Marian and her assistant, Kim, were so great to work with – we had an awesome time together. Thank you to Cody G for filming with us; always a pleasure.

Behind The Scenes

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