Krista + Curtis | Same Day Edit


was kind of the theme for Krista.  We met with Curtis back in November of last year and found it strange that a groom had arranged to meet with us and that the bride to be would not be there. After sharing some good laughs at the meeting and getting to know Curtis a bit better we found out that he had a surprise planned :).  What was it?…well, it was to hire us but not tell Krista (who just happens to be one of our biggest fans as we found out this weekend, aka blog stalker #1 and her friend blog stalker #2!  You know who you are!) until the day of their wedding. We wished Curtis a hearty good luck because we were convinced he had no clue what he was about to get himself into (just so you know, we had your back all the way Curtis!).  As the story goes, he was a wise man and eventually let her know about the surprise by giving it to her as a graduation gift.  Good work Curtis we are so proud you lasted as long as you did with that surprise.Whenever we shoot a Same Day Edit, we find ourselves even more immersed in the wedding day (as we are not only shooting the complete wedding package but also presenting a film that same day).

There is something really special when we have the privilege of seeing the day unfold right before us as the clips start hitting the timeline.  Shot by shot, section by section, clip by clip the story unravels as the end of the day fast approaches. This usualy happens to us weeks or months after while editing, but there is something special about it when it happens the day of. After Krista & Curtis introduced the Same Day Edit to their family and friends, we too found ourselves watching and reliving what had just happened that day.We had such an amazing day filming their wedding and putting together their Same Day Edit.  Both of these two are so warm and so sweet that they made it quite easy. Thank you for extending your hospitality towards us and making us feel as much apart of the day as anyone could. Please enjoy their Same Day Edit we were so privileged to be apart of! Thank you to Soiree Event Planning – Best Wedding and Events planner voted by Paperback FilmsAnd super great working with Rebecca from Rebecca Croft Photography, she is a delight! As well a thank you to Cody for shooting with us this day! You are a great help to us.

Behind The Scenes

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