Chau + Christian | Same Day Edit

Captain and The Cheese

Chau and Christian are soul mates. Meeting where they did, and everything that happened since, it’s obvious they were simply destined to be together. They both love traveling, jogging, cooking, gardening, watching movies and hanging out with friends together. Chau was extremely meticulous and careful with her planning – you would never know by watching how relaxed and happy she was on her wedding day. All the way down to the exact number of expected guests, floral arrangements and schedules.

They both have light, caring and energetic personalities. When we asked them to describe their style, they were honest and spot on; romantic, classic, and goofy! All of these little things came out everywhere on their wedding day. Meaningful letters, original vows, gifts and speeches – we spotted so many moments that complimented who they are as people and brought that out in their same day edit. We’re so lucky to have worked with them and we’re just as excited for them to have this memory. We hope you enjoy!

Music licensed through With Etiquette

Behind The Scenes

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