Stacy + Scott | Highlight

September 17, 2010 – Scott & Stacy’s day had finally arrived and you could feel the excitement in the air! We were seriously blown away by everyones enthusiasm throughout the whole day despite it being so cold outside. This wedding was truly inspiring for us due to the fact that we witnessed Scott & Stacy enjoying every minute of the day. We noticed Scott had a permanent smile on his face the entire day, this is so evident not only while filming but also while we edited together the highlights, go see for yourself!  Stacy even took an early morning bike ride before going to the salon in the morning, which goes to show that excitement was carried throughout the day. Everything looked fantastic and was decorated so well.  What a blast!  Thanks Stacy and Scott! At Stacy and Scotts wedding we were privileged to work along side Bond from BLF Studios.

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