Grand Wedding Showcase

Weddings In Winnipeg put on a fantastic 4 day wedding showcase spanning 4 venues and many talented and professional vendors. It was a pleasure talking with so many wonderful couples who where interested in having a wedding video. Things have changed in the world of wedding video’s and many of the couples had not seen this type of video produced for a wedding.

The first question I always asked was if they were thinking of getting a wedding video? Most of the couples would say, “kind of but not really sure”, then they would proceed with…. “however we have never seen this style of wedding video before”. My favourite questions from the couples were: Q: Do you pose people and make them do it again cause your video looks so perfect it must have been staged? A: Not at all, we want to only capture what really happened so there is no posing or set up on our part. Q: If you don’t stage things how did you get those beautiful shots? A: We really get to know each couple as much as possible and plan as much as possible before the wedding day so we can portray your character… and we have shot a lot of weddings so we anticipate as much as possible.

So, the people were amazing, the show was amazing, and the wedding planners were amazing with their fantastic displays and decor that were over the top! If you are thinking of a wedding video for next year definitely shoot us an email right away, dates are filling up! Here are the sample video’s we put together to show what each event was like. Looking forward to next years show!

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