Jillian + David | Trailer

September 5th, 2010 – Here is a quick trailer of an outdoor wedding we had the privilege filming. A slight breeze was in the air, enough to keep everyone cool from the bright sunlight beaming down on us. It was awesome! You couldn’t ask for a better day. Jillian & David were having so much fun I am sure they didn’t want the day to end. What a fantastic couple!

Mark Hiebert was as always my trusted companion for the entire day. It would be very hard to do this without him! Also Cody Goetz who films with us from time to time was attending the wedding, so we put him to work. Curtis Moore was shooting the photos. We love working with him. Makeup – 2 Chicks and a Bag of Makeup Cake Design- Cake Studio Enjoy the sneak peak!

Behind The Scenes

Bryan + Margaret | Same Day Edit

August 14, 2010 – This Same Day Edit will always be special to us. Watching Margaret and Bryan enjoy their wedding day is something we won’t forget. It was special to see how they were able to enjoy every single moment, taking it all in, one moment at a time. We thank you for allowing us complete access to your wedding day. It allowed us to capture everything we could ever have imagined! It has truly inspired us and will for a long long time!

As per usual, I was editing in every possible place imaginable while Mark and Cody flew around the city capturing all the special moments as they unfolded. Mark captured some fantastic slider and merlin shots. He made it so easy to edit this thing together. Props goes out to you Mark! Cody was along for his first time filming with us. He did a great job, so good that he got some of his work into the Same Day Edit. Oh, and he was the only one who was able to ride along in the Roll Royce…Lucky!

Coralee of Red Photo Co. (redphotoco.com/) was the Photographer. She is so much fun. We absolutely love shooting weddings with her (not to mention her super crazy good work!) Thanks to Hair FX (hairfx.ca/) for allowing us complete access while filming Margaret and her girls getting ready for the big day. Finally, we had the opportunity to work with Andrea and Lindsay of Soiree Event Planning (soireeplanning.ca/). I can’t say enough about these two. They were so helpful and organized. It made our day so much easier. We really appreciate that!

Behind The Scenes

Amber + Jordan | Same Day Edit

Amber & Jordan’s wedding day was spectacular. A little back story first… The connection I (Mark) have with these two all stems from Red Rock Bible Camp, one of the greatest places on earth. The friendships and relationships that are formed there seem to last forever and thus filming their wedding was an incredible honour. The guests and wedding party were filled with remarkable people who show great character in all they do.

I was sad I didn’t have time to hang out and catch up will all the people I knew at the wedding but I had a job to do. Originally I was going to be filming this wedding solo but as Chris is Amber’s brother, the only option was to make it the best it could be. As a gift to his sister Amber and new brother-in-law Jordan, Chris spent any time he could editing the Same Day Edit. He had time in the morning so we got to film the getting ready parts together which was so fun (side note – none of our shots are set up, the second shot with the girls walking up to the salon was what really happened, yes we were there before 7am in anticipation of their arrival).

We had the privilege to work with Curtis Moore who is an amazing photographer, made the day very enjoyable and really enhanced the video and brought out Amber and Jordan’s character so well. So thank you to Chris for turning out another awesome SDE and to Amber and Jordan for being a huge inspiration.

Behind The Scenes

Stacey + Chad | Photo Shoot

You know what I love about shooting video? I love shoots like this one.

Jack & Ruby Photography hired us to come along and film this session. They want to offer video to their clients and we were honored to get the call (not to mention super excited to work with them). Check out the photos of this sessions on their website – www.jackandrubyphotography.ca

Stacey & Chad, you were fantastic to work with. Thank you for the opportunity.

Behind The Scenes

Jack & Ruby Photography | Launch Video

Meet Winnipegs newest Wedding Photography duo!

Mark and I were asked to film the first three photo sessions for Jack & Ruby Photography and put something together for them. Here it is…short and sweet.

Check out their new website at www.jackandrubyphotography.ca

Behind The Scenes

Stacey + Chad | Photo Shoot Trailer

Here is a very very short trailer of Stacey & Chad’s photo shoot. Once again, Becky and Kara hired Mark and I to document this photo shoot. As always we were more then happy to film! Props goes out to Chad for sticking with it even though the Hockey game was on that night. I was giving him updates via my iPhone all session :)

Thanks again everyone. Stay tuned…full session will be coming soon.

Behind The Scenes

Carley + Jacques | Same Day Edit

This video was shot and edited in a matter of 8 hours. We got up in the morning shot the whole day, edited and presented this video at the reception. Mark was driving and filming while I (Chris) was editing in the car or any obscure place you could possibly think of.

Special thanks to luckygirl . It was a pleasure to work with you!

Behind The Scenes

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