Amber + Jordan | Same Day Edit

Amber & Jordan’s wedding day was spectacular. A little back story first… The connection I (Mark) have with these two all stems from Red Rock Bible Camp, one of the greatest places on earth. The friendships and relationships that are formed there seem to last forever and thus filming their wedding was an incredible honour. The guests and wedding party were filled with remarkable people who show great character in all they do.

I was sad I didn’t have time to hang out and catch up will all the people I knew at the wedding but I had a job to do. Originally I was going to be filming this wedding solo but as Chris is Amber’s brother, the only option was to make it the best it could be. As a gift to his sister Amber and new brother-in-law Jordan, Chris spent any time he could editing the Same Day Edit. He had time in the morning so we got to film the getting ready parts together which was so fun (side note – none of our shots are set up, the second shot with the girls walking up to the salon was what really happened, yes we were there before 7am in anticipation of their arrival).

We had the privilege to work with Curtis Moore who is an amazing photographer, made the day very enjoyable and really enhanced the video and brought out Amber and Jordan’s character so well. So thank you to Chris for turning out another awesome SDE and to Amber and Jordan for being a huge inspiration.

Behind The Scenes

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