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Oct 2, 2010 – Picture a nice brisk day in October. The sun was shining off the autumn leaves… yeah let’s say it was a perfectly beautiful day.  We knew prior to this day that it would involve a horse, now we had not expected it to turn out the way it did as we have never experienced this before at a wedding photo session.  When Lauren made her way on the horse to the open yard through the arbour we realized this was going to be visually captivating and we were definitely stoked about the footage we were getting.  After driving away from the stables we reviewed a few shots and Cody (Paperback Films’ secret weapon) came away with the shot of the day, capturing the small white dog trailing Lauren through the arbour.  Couldn’t get a better shot if we planned it, way to go Cody.

As you all know we love outdoor weddings, and Lauren’s parents backyard was sweet.  They had raked leaves the day before attempting to preserve the nice lush green grass! The large tree overhanging the yard made for a lovely setting for the ceremony. Once the guest started to arrive we quickly noticed how visually stunning and powerful this setting was.

Adam and Lauren actually decided to go with us for their wedding as a result from seeing another wedding’s trailer we did a few weeks earlier; we are certainly glad they did. Once again Paperback finds ourselves blessed to be in the midst of so many people who allow us to do our work. To be given a 100% creative control on the wedding day is so appreciated. It takes a lot to trust us with one of the most important days in their lives. We don’t take it for granted.

Thank you so much for this opportunity, Lauren and Adam. You are so meant to be together! Enjoy! We would also like to say thanks to Jeremy Hiebert of Jeremy Hiebert Photography and Andrea Mancini of Soiree Event Planning. As always, great to work with you both!


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October 2, 2010 – Here is the trailer of Lauren and Adam’s wedding! What a beautiful fall weekend it was. We were so lucky to have a warm and sunny special day with no wind. Lauren and Adam are one of the nicest people we have ever met. It was a pleasure watching them enjoy the day they had work so hard to plan. We were honoured to be there to capture this fantastic day! Thank you so much!

Mark and Cody and I, as always, had way to much fun working together!

A very warm shout out to Jeremy Hiebert (jeremyhiebert.ca). It was a pleasure to work with you. Our stomachs hurt from all the laughing and good times we had!

Thanks to Lindsay who stepped in for Andrea Mancini of Soiree Event Planning (soireeplanning.ca/​).

Music by the ever talented Amanda Falk (amandafalk.com). Please go buy her music, it’s simply amazing! iTunes Link. Enjoy!

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