Jack & Ruby Photography | Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2011 – C’est L’amour! It’s Valentine’s day and it’s time to reveal a little project we have been working on. Taking into consideration that we work in an industry surrounded by love, we wanted to do something that was specific to the theme. Little did we know…

About one month ago we were contacted by Kara & Becky of Jack & Ruby Photography. They wanted to hire us to document a Valentine’s Day photo session they had planned. Once they explained the idea to us we thought it was great, so we quickly signed on.

This film is really a supplement to Kara and Becky’s fantastic pictures. Go look at the pictures and then watch the video. It will give you some insight and a behind the scenes look as to what went on in the session.

We do have to say thank you to Desirae and Cole who did a fantastic job working in front of the camera. Desirae has her own company called Paper Airplanes, check it out if you have a chance.

We hope to have more opportunities like this in the future!


  • Thanks for the video boys!! We love it!!!

  • Gina

    so neat! Good work!

  • Trish

    oh ladies!! you made me cry!!
    fantastic job to all of you!!

  • OH I agree, you guys could make me cry. SO so proud of you, ladies, your work, the heart you put into it, everything. It’s perfect. This video showcases so perfectly for everyone, the fun of a shoot with you guys. Relaxed, natural, easy, exactly what people want to see in their pictures, the “REAL” deal of who we are. LOVE it ladies. Love it.

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  • Kendra

    You girls are seriously the sweetest. Looking forward to seeing your business flourish. So proud of you!!

  • Janelle

    WOW, this is so beautiful! You two are so talented, keep up the incredible work!

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