A collection of Trailers by Paperback Films

Lydia + Shane | Trailer

A Beautiful Wedding Day

Just a small glimpse of Lydia + Shane’s beautiful wedding day! Enjoy the trailer!We were excited to finally get the chance to work with Joel Ross of Joel Ross Photography. You have an amazing amount of energy during the day, it’s contagious!

Behind The Scenes

Dove Tree | Art & Design Trailer

Sunlight and Sunsets

Last week, we went on a little adventure! Paperback, packed it’s bags and gear, left the city and headed out to the great Canadian Praries. Our destination? Morden, Manitoba! We won’t say much yet, but Kari of Dove Tree Art & Design hired us to film a little promotional film for something she has been planning for a while.

The Trailer is just a small glimps of the perfect evening we had to film!

We also had some great friends along, Jack and Ruby Photography, whom we love to shoot with! Check out their blog post for a sneak peak of what they captured that evening too!

Enjoy! Let us know what you think!

Behind The Scenes

Melissa + Michael | Trailer

Mazel Tov

Cultures are what make life so colourful and exciting and we love the traditions and joyous celebrations of the Jewish community. We had an amazing day with the Mr. and the Mrs. and can’t wait to put their highlights together. Many heartfelt moments with their families showed the caring and compassionate side of these two. As cliche as it sounds we could really feel the love in the air. Enjoy the trailer!

Absolutely love working with Rachael & Mairen from Luckygirl Photography! We always have such a good day and the we get along so well.

And every time we get to work with Andrea & Karen from Soiree Event Planning, they make the day run so smoothly and seamlessly. We really couldn’t be more excited that we get to work with such talented and professional people in the Winnipeg wedding industry.


Behind The Scenes