A collection of Portraiture Films by Paperback Films

Heather + Chris | Portraiture

Eyelashes Light the Fire

Heather and Chris’s spark started with a question, “do you have fake eyelashes?”  Seems like a reasonable question if the circumstances were different, for instance not on a camping trip.  Well these two made a connection that day that will forever be their story.  We got to know Heather and Chris really well during their portraiture session which you will see pieces of in their Same Day Edit.

Each of the them walked us through their first meeting story and how the progression lead them to their wedding day, which is always interesting and fun to hear two sides of the same story.

John + Rhosan | Portraiture

Rubber boots and rain jackets

We met John and Rhosan last summer, where we started planning together for their wedding. Right away, I knew they would be so fun to work with. They were both interested in a specific look; one not too different from how they both are together, as a couple. Bright, fun, colourful. A short while ago, we set out to put together this Portaiture which is a celebration of them as a couple and a way to share their story. It was raining through most of the day, so Rhosan came prepared with rubber boots :) Shortly before we started filming, they were with Coralee of Red Photo Co at an engagement session so they were already more comfortable infront of a camera. They had a fantastic idea where after creating this film, we would not reveal it anyone before the wedding.

This past weekend, as an introduction to all of the guests at their reception, the film was played on two giant screens before the couple entered the room. I got the same feeling I get when we present a Same Day Edit – when everyone around gets excited as they watch the adorable couple tell their story on screen. It’s quite the experience! And I was right; these two were a blast to work with. I can’t wait to share their highlights, but for now here is their portraiture film.

Behind The Scenes