A collection of Highlights by Paperback Films

Jillian + David | Highlights

The First Kiss

September 5, 2010’s long weekend is one to be remembered by a lot of people. It was definitely one of the most beautiful weekends to get married, the grass lush green, birds chirping, and golfers golfing. Energy, character, and youthful passion were in the air and it was celebrated with an outdoor wedding at the Niakwa Country club.

With this backdrop in place and everything planned just right, Jillian and David made a memorable day. We love to cover the entire day as it really allows us to explore the dynamics of the family, the dynamics among the wedding party, and constructs a story from the whole day. The ladies were chatting away early in the morning at the salon “Hair Obsession” on Henderson Hwy, as many of the wedding party and guests were in from all over North America. The gentlemen were eagerly waiting for me to arrive so they could complete their ensembles and continue on with the day.

This particular highlights was strongly influenced by what unfolded before us as the day went on and what was revealed to us at the end of the day that made everything come together. There was special meaning to the first kiss at the ceremony and Jillian and David held true to themselves by waiting till this time as it really did signify their first kiss as a couple. And that brings to light why the gentlemen were hasty to get to the ceremony. Their friends and their family united in the fact that these two had character that was encouraging and uplifting to the point of it being a thread in their highlights. Hope you all enjoy Jillian and Davids highlights as much as we enjoyed putting it together. Special thanks to Photographer | Curtis Moore and Niakwa Golf Country Club.

Behind The Scenes

Dan + Baillie | Highlights

August 15, 2010 – Creating a lasting memory for Dan & Baillie through their highlights video has been a rewarding process. Their journey through life to this point is what movies are made of, and the celebration was grand. These two have such a unique and interesting backstory which lead them to this day. They are a true living and breathing definition of the term soul mates. The family connections right down to the Rabbi’s exuberant energy made this day burst with excitement. To see how everyone gets into the festivities and celebrated Dan & Baillie’s marriage was amazing; Not to mention that the dance floor was rock’n all through dinner and into the night.

We were privileged to work beside Andrea Mancini from Soiree Event Planning , truly a pleasure. She took care of every detail for us. We can’t say how much we appreciated that! The Photographer was Ricardo Chvaicer. What a fun guy to work with. We truely enjoyed the laughs and colaboration all through out the day.

Behind The Scenes

Stacey + Chad | Photo Shoot

You know what I love about shooting video? I love shoots like this one.

Jack & Ruby Photography hired us to come along and film this session. They want to offer video to their clients and we were honored to get the call (not to mention super excited to work with them). Check out the photos of this sessions on their website – www.jackandrubyphotography.ca

Stacey & Chad, you were fantastic to work with. Thank you for the opportunity.

Behind The Scenes