Rheanne + Andrew | Same Day Edit

The Corn Maze…

Milestones are made by a combination of being in the presence of those you love most and having those memories forever recorded. Rhéanne and Andrew both had that on their wedding day. Speech after speech, their characters came out to what we experienced with them throughout the day. Having a perfect wedding day and having that perfection continue on throughout our lives are what we dream about… though, the test of character in the good and the bad reveals a truth about someone that will far surpass our milestones in life. For this very reason, we were deeply inspired by who Rhéanne and Andrew are as a couple. This film is every bit an example of what keeps us motivated, refreshed and excited to continue doing what we do. It’s a thrill to share a same day edit experience with a couple and all of their close family and friends.

Rachel & Brian of Lucky Girl Photography approach each wedding day with joy and enthusiasm that is infectious.  Greeting them in the morning is the same as meeting up with friends for the day.  Their work speaks for itself and is completely backed up by who they are. Jennifer from Wink Wedding and Event Planning is always a delight to work with and is so much appreciated.  Wedding planning is something so worth investing in and highly recommended. Danny Kramer Band always knows how to get the dance floor full of people.  Their sound is full and amazing.  Big thanks to Carlin for helping us with the Same Day Edit sound.


Behind The Scenes

  • Troy

    Top notch, guys. That was incredible, and for an SDE! Beautiful work.

  • Rhéanne

    Chris, Mark & Stephen,

    I cannot even begin to explain….your work is absolutely breathtaking!
    The three of you were such fun to work with!
    Andy and I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day…you captured it so beautifully!
    The “Behind the Scenes” SDE has us eagerly waiting to see the Feature Film!

    Thank you so very much!!

  • ruby molina

    WOW!! is so lovely, very classic everything looks perfect like it should be on your wedding day.

  • Giuseppe the Barber

    Thank you for letting me be part of your very special day!

  • Alicia

    This is so amazing, I’m to be married next June do you know where the couple found the limo?

  • Alicia

    Thank you so much!!! Your video is amazing :)

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